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Over the past few years, more and more mobile medical vehicles have been moved from ORICH Medical Device to cities, villages, mines, and borders ...The purchased customers have become more diverse, such as the health and family planning commission, hospitals, physical examination centers, general logistics departments, the red cross, and enterprises..., who have different needs and different missions. Only those people who need medical vehicles know their value.

In May 2017, Luanchuan County invested RMB 2 million more, and assigned Luanchuan People's Hospital and Luanchuan Traditional Medicine Hospital to jointly purchase two multifunctional physical examination vehicles from ORICH Medical Device by the principle of selecting out the best of the best.


Luanchuan County

There are many mountains while less lands in Luanchuan. “The boys walk down the mountain, the girls marry from the mountain, and the old are caught on the mountain” is a true description of the life in Luanchuan. Here, medical services are blocked out because of heavy mountain roads. Especially for those empty nest elder, it is difficult to get timely treatment in the event of an emergency. Therefore, the preventive medical care is particularly important. And only early detection and early diagnosis, can early treatment and early recovery occur

In 2017, Luanchuan Government implemented the accurate poverty alleviation and medical benefit project to provide free physical examinations for elderly people over 60 and poor villagers. The mountain is an obstacle for them to overcome.

How t to move the physical examination center into the mountains?

A mobile medical vehicle is the answer.

ORICH Medical Deviceis a professional manufacturer of mobile medical vehicles and medical radioactive diagnostic equipment, and the only company in China that achieves highly systematic synchronous production in the field of radiation and mobile medicaltreatment. Moreover, it owns a complete mobile hospital solution. We are fully aware that “customization” is the soul of mobile medical vehicles. At ORICH Medical Device, no two mobile medical vehicles are exactly the same. Our services start from the first consultation call.


Based on this plan, 16 routine examinations such as X-ray film, blood routine, B ultrasound, electrocardiogram, etc. can be completed in the vehicle at one time.

In addition, based on the actual needs of Luanchuan medical benefit project, we furnish the following professional systems for Luanchuan medical vehicle:

Protectiveroomsin professional radiation area

In view of tight-time and heavy-duty medical benefit project, the protective measures of medical staff are taken. And the integrated design of steel skeleton and body framework is adopted for the radiation area to effectively prevent the ray radiation.

Interior environment optimization system

During the Luanchuan medical benefit project, in view of the large number of elderly medical examiners, the medical vehicles are equipped with the interior environment optimization system to effectively purify, sterilize, dehumidify, cool, or heat the air, and ensure the fresh air in the vehicle under conditions of large crowd flow.

Intelligent self-adaptive high-voltage power supply system

In view of the complex and harsh conditions of power supply in remote areas, the vehicles are equipped with an intelligent self-adaptive high-voltage power supply system, which is not only compatible with 380V industrial power and 220V civil power, but also ensures that the medical devices on medical vehicles can work well under adverse conditions such as over-high, over-low and unstable conditions.

Intelligentvideocloud platform

Various medical cloud services, such as cloud diagnosis, cloud film, cloud storage, cloud booking, and cloud consultation, etc. Are provided to establish green links between patients, hospitals, and experts.

In July 2017, the special vehicles for Luanchuan health examination was officially delivered.


Medical vehicle handoverceremonybetween Luanchuan and ORICH Medical Device


Mr. Nie, the Director of Health and Family Planning Commission, Mr. Li, the President of Luanchuan People's Hospital, and Mr. Ding, the president of Luanchuan Traditional Hospital attended the handover ceremony


Interior functional area of ORICH multifunctional health examination vehicle

Luanchuan invested RMB 10.3 million to provide free physical examination for more than 50,000 elderly people aged over 60 and poor villagers. The two medical vehicles are used to perform the free physical examinations for more than 40,000 elderly people, which receives good appraise from all circles.Xinhua News Agency exclusively reported it on the front page of its Xinhua Daily Telegraph.


Front-pagereportof Xinhua News Agency

Free Medical Vehicle Drives into the Small Village


ORICH medical vehicle in Huangbai Village, Miaozi Town, Luanchuan County


X-ray examination on medical vehicle


Ultrasound examination on medical vehicle


ECG examination on medical vehicle


Blood pressure measurement for villagers


Blood examination for villagers
Refer to the Number of National Medical and Health Institutions at the End of May 2017 issued by the Statistical Information Center of National Health and Family Planning Commission, by the end of May 2017, the number of medical and health institutions around the country had reached 988,000. However, in some remote areas, medical services are still inconvenient. The state has invested a lot to purchase the medical devices. In many areas, the county-level hospitals have been equipped with various high-end medical devices, such as CT, NMR and MBI. However, due to several complicated factors such as traffic, many people at the primary level have no access to the medical services. The medical institutions at all levels need a good way to solve the mobility problem of medical hardware resources, so the mobile medical vehicles are what they want.
The core value of medical services is not that CT is 128 rows or NMR is 3T, but medical care is on your side when you need it.
ORICH Medical Device is willing to work with other medical institutions to drive ORICH medical vehicle to every corner where it is needed.

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